Brain Bites 4th Session Lebanon's Electricity Crisis

Over 400 Attendees were present on 17.01.2019 at IC Ras Beirut campus to discuss the facts and the challenges facing a basic right of any developed society: the electricity crisis ,a major component of the financial perils hovering around the Lebanese economy. The audience listened attentively to a detailed explanation led by H.E  minister Yaseen Jaber and an experienced panel of experts. While the subject itself brings frustration to many, it was a chance to express anger, dismay and distress by both speakers and attendees due to the fiasco surrounding this sensitive matter. As ICAA, we believe we cannot remain voiceless  and we will always seek ways to improve our knowledge allowing us, and the IC community as a whole to develop an unbiased opinion, yet  always trying to avoid entering into Lebanese political quagmires